Jennifer Hawkins



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Jennifer Hawkins, PhD
Trent Scholar in Bioethics,
Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine
Associate Research Professor, Department of Philosophy
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Jennie Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins, PhD, joined the Duke faculty in January 2010 with a joint appointment in Philosophy and the Department of Medicine. Prior to her position at Duke, she was Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. She was the co-editor with Ezekiel J. Emanuel of Exploitation and Developing Countries: The Ethics of Clinical Research (Princeton University Press, 2008). Professor Hawkins writes about research ethics, the nature of coercion, informed consent, the nature of individual decision-making and also about hard to define concepts such as well-being and quality of life. She is currently writing a book about well-being.

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