Spiritual Dimensions of Illness and Healing
    March 6-8, 2015
    Hyatt Regency Cambridge, MA


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Over a quarter of Duke’s first-year medical class participates regularly in the Bioethics and History of Medicine Interest Groups. Students meet monthly to discuss ethical or historical topics that often bear on medicine today. More information: trent-center@duke.edu.


Theology, Medicine and Culture Seminars

The goal of the Theology, Medicine and Culture (TMC) seminar series is to promote conversation and collaboration across disciplines exploring the intersections of Theology, Medicine, and Culture.

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Recent Humanities in Medicine Lectures


Rationing Is Not a Four-Letter Word:
Death Panels, Policy and Ethics

Philip D. Rosoff, MD, MA
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Wind in the Willows:
Hearing the Voices of Children in Research


Marion E. Broome, PhD, RN, FAAN
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