2024 Emerson Lecture in Medical Ethics

The Ethical Integration of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

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Amy McGuire, JD, PhD

Leon Jaworski Professor of Biomedical Ethics
Director, Center for Medical Ethics
and Health Policy
Baylor College of Medicine

Thursday, February 22, 5:30pm
Great Hall, Trent Semans Center

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Reception to follow  I  Open to the public
Free parking in Research Drive Garage

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Over the past few years, research on the therapeutic potential of psychedelic substances, like psilocybin and MDMA, has mushroomed. It is anticipated that FDA will approve the first psychedelic medicines within the next year, raising multiple ethical and policy issues in need of immediate attention. This session will explore these issues and share recommendations for the responsible integration of psychedelic-assisted therapy into clinical practice. 

Amy McGuire, JD, PhD, is the Leon Jaworski Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Director of the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine. She researches ethical and policy issues related to emerging technologies and innovative therapeutics, with a particular focus on genetics and genomics, neuropsychology, and the clinical integration of novel neurological devices.

Professor McGuire has served as a member of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research and as an advisor to the X Prize in Genomics. Currently, she serves on the board of the Greenwall Foundation, is a Hasting’s Center Fellow, and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Geisinger Research, The Morgridge Institute for Research, and Nurture Genomics.