Trent Center faculty and faculty associates pursue research in areas related to the social and cultural aspects of medicine. Practicing physicians, scientists, theologians, artists, scholars, they explore empirical and theoretical realms of philosophy, literature, spirituality, art, education, culture and community, often in relation to human health and health care.

Harvey Jay Cohen - medicine, importance of religion and spirituality in health and aging

Jehanne Gheith - Russian literature/culture and medical social work

John David Ike - art and medicine, museum-based teaching methodologies

Karen Jooste - narrative medicine, expressive writing in adult pediatric oncology survivors and their caregivers

Warren Kinghorn - spirituality, religion and mental health

Jennifer Lawson - narrative medicine, underserved communities

Brett McCarty - relationship between theology and scientific medicine, particularly contemporary management of pain

Sneha Mantri - literature and medicine, creative writing to improve physician understanding of patient experience and mitigate physician/trainee burnout

John Moses - pediatrics, documentary photography that explores social and medical issues

Frank Neelon - role of literature in the formation and development of clinical practice

Neil Prose - training doctors and other health care providers in skills of empathic communication, care for skin diseases in developing countries

Brian Quaranta - narrative medicine (expertise in Shakespeare), communication with patients, palliative care

Damon Tweedy - writing, doctor-patient relationship, race and medicine

John Vaughn - narrative medicine; student health

Leonard White - neuroscience, neuroanatomy through the perspective of humanities, anatomy drawing