Trent Center faculty and faculty associates engage in bioethics research spanning a wide spectrum of issues, from health care policy and genome ethics to women and reproductive health; from global health, justice and access to health care resources to economics of clinical research; from use of technology, medical decision making, and behavioral economics to access to experimental therapy, conflict of interest and protection of human subjects. They work in various areas including medicine, philosophy, history, law, economics, women's health and global health. These disciplines inform their rigorous examination of critical issues that are constantly evolving with new biotechnology, medical discoveries and changing health care systems.

Doriane Coleman - culture, women, children, medicine and law with a specialization in sports law (anti-doping as well as biological sex and gender identity issues)

Farr Curlin - medicine, ethics and religion, relationship of physicians' moral traditions and commitments on their clinical practice, palliative care 

Amy Corneli - qualitative research on clinical trial including participant behaviors, recruitment and retention strategies; biomedical HIV prevention; bioethics, particularly the informed consent process

Jennifer Hawkins - research ethics, nature of coercion and individual decision-making, informed consent, well-being, quality of life

Nicole Larrier - pediatric malignancies, sarcomas and tumors of the bone and related ethical issues

Tom LeBlanc - patient-centered and health system issues in oncology and palliative medicine, including symptom burden and trajectory, quality of life, and decision-making

Monica Lemmon - shared decision making, parent outcomes after neonatal illness, and parent-clinician communication

Wayne Norman - business ethics, political philosophy, the philosophy and culture of sports

Philip Rosoff - clinical ethics, medical decision making, philosophy of biology

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong - ethics, philosophy of law, philosophy of religion, moral psychology, neuroscience in the legal system

Christian Simon - responsible conduct of research (RCR), protection of human participants in research

Patrick Smith - bioethics, social ethics, Black Church studies, and philosophical theology

Gopal Sreenivasan - philosophy, distributive justice and health, process of informed consent, international bioethics

Kearsley Stewart - research ethics of HIV/AIDS clinical trials in Africa, HIV testing for adolescents in Zimbabwe, global health pedagogy, and global health humanities

Peter Ubel - medicine and behavioral science, informed consent, shared decision making, heath care cost containment

Kevin Weinfurt - patient and physician decision making, especially in the conduct of clinical trials