Curriculum & Initiatives in Bioethics

Medical School Curriculum

Topics in bioethics are integrated into the curriculum at all levels. The Third Year Medical Humanities Study Program offers a multidisciplinary opportunity for third-year medical students to develop and complete research projects that explore topics in medical history, ethics, theology, and other fields within the medical humanities.

Bioethics Interest Group

In addition to coursework, interested first-year medical students meet six to eight times a year at noon to discuss topics in bioethics of their choosing. Discussions are led by faculty members with expertise in the field. Topics have included:

  • Ventilator Rationing in a Pandemic Scenario
  • Pediatric decision-making at the end of life
  • Autism and diagnosis creep
  • Future of health care reform
  • Ethics of gene editing
  • Reproductive ethics

Science & Society

Duke Science & Society provides educational offerings through which students examine many complex issues in science, technology, ethics, and policy. Among these opportunities is a Master of Arts in Bioethics & Science Policy.