Humanities in Medicine Lectures


The Trent Humanities in Medicine Lecture Series draws a broad audience of students, faculty and staff to hear national and local scholars from disciplines such as history, literature, psychology, philosophy and religion address issues relevant to the practice of medicine.

Lecture topics have included ethical issues in international women's health, unconscious dishonesty, narrative medicine, and history of medicine.

The Humanities in Medicine Lecture Series is held in Lecture Hall 2002, Duke Hospital. A light lunch is served. All Duke students, faculty and staff, as well as interested members of the community, are invited to attend.

Past lectures include:

Medicine as Remembering: The Bodies We Touch, The Stories We Tell
Brian Volck, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Hospital Medicine
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
The Art of Falling: What Narratives Written by Older Adults Reveal about Human Balancing Acts
Jane Thrailkill, PhD
Director, English MA Program in Literature, Medicine and Culture
and Health Humanities Lab (HHIVE)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


The Search for Beauty at the End of Life
Haider Warraich, MD
Cardiovascular Medicine
Duke University Medical Center
Video presentation

Can We Just Say "No"? The Challenges of Health Care Rationing
Philip Rosoff, MD, MA
Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine

Video presentation