Work in Progress Seminars

An informal series for Duke faculty interested in sharing presentations on their current research projects in progress and receiving constructive comments and criticism that may further the development of their work.

Past Work in Progress Seminars:
Prevention and the Rule of Rescue
Paul Kelleher, PhD
Procreation and Public Goods
Jonathan Anomaly, PhD
Against a Human Right to Health
Gopal Sreenivasan, PhD

The Elusive Quest to Define Autism
Jeffrey Baker, MD, PhD

Autonomy and Informed Consent: Let's Not Overdo It
Jennifer Hawkins, PhD

Disclosing Individual Research Results in Genotype-Driven Research Recruitment
Laura Beskow, PhD and Emily Namey, MA

Unpredictable Drug Shortages: An Ethical Framework for Short-term Rationing in Hospitals
Phil Rosoff, MD, MA

Human Subjects Protection: Research Ethics in China and Reflections on Experiences at Duke
Yali Cong, PhD
Professor of Medical Ethics, Peking University Health Science Center
Director of the Department of Medical Humanities, Peking University Health Science Center

Red Devils under the Accouchement Couch: The Cold War History of the Lamaze Method
Paula Michaels, faculty in residence at the National Humanities Center

Ethics and Epidemiology: Relatives versus Absolutes
Gopal Sreenivasan, PhD

Conflict of Interest in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) payment for off-label drug use in oncology
Ross McKinney, MD

Research with Dorianne Coleman on the off-label use of pharmaceuticals as unregulated research
Philip Rosoff, MD, MA